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Daniel Finds a Poem

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Stunning collage art full of rich color, glorious details, and a sense of wonder—reminiscent of the work of Ezra Jack Keats—illustrate this delightful story celebrating the poetry found in the world around us. What is poetry? Is it glistening morning dew? Spider thinks so. Is it crisp leaves crunching? That’s what Squirrel says. Could it be a cool pond, sun-warmed sand, or moonlight on the grass? Maybe poetry is all of these things, as it is something special for everyone—you just have to take the time to really look and listen. The magical thing is that poetry is in everyone, and Daniel is on his way to discovering a poem of his own after spending time with his animal friends. What is poetry? If you look and listen, it’s all around you!

Author: Micha Archer
Publisher: Penguin
Published: 2016-02-16
ISBN: 9780698172821


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A cool idea with a big splash You know the Super Soaker. It’s one of top twenty toys of all time. And it was invented entirely by accident. Trying to create a new cooling system for refrigerators and air conditioners, impressive inventor Lonnie Johnson instead created the mechanics for the iconic toy. A love for rockets, robots, inventions, and a mind for creativity began early in Lonnie Johnson’s life. Growing up in a house full of brothers and sisters, persistence and a passion for problem solving became the cornerstone for a career as an engineer and his work with NASA. But it is his invention of the Super Soaker water gun that has made his most memorable splash with kids and adults.

Author: Chris Barton
Publisher: Charlesbridge Publishing
Published: 2016-05-03
ISBN: 9781580892971

Dragon Was Terrible

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We all know dragons are terrible, but this one is especially terrible. He scribbles in books. He steals candy from baby unicorns. He even burps in church. Seriously, who does that? Dragon, that’s who. The king, the knights, and the villagers are desperate to take down this beast once and for all. But sometimes it’s up to the unlikeliest of heroes to tame a dragon this terrible.

Author: Kelly DiPucchio
Publisher: Farrar, Straus and Giroux (BYR)
Published: 2016-08-23
ISBN: 9780374300494


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Ingenuity and surprise rule in this funny and colorful companion to Red: A Crayon’s Story written and illustrated by Michael Hall, the New York Times–bestselling creator of My Heart Is Like a Zoo. The crayons are ready to tell the thrilling tale of Frankencrayon. The costumes are made, the roles are cast, the pages are all set—but then disaster strikes. Someone has scribbled on the page! Hideous! Horrifying! The story can’t go on! Try as they might, the crayons can’t erase the scribble, and this picture book must be canceled. Until the crayons playing the title role of Frankencrayon think of a solution, that is. Michael Hall breaks borders and invites readers behind the scenes with his irresistible, clever style and bold artwork. A book about seeing beauty in unexpected places and the magic of storytelling.

Author: Michael Hall
Publisher: HarperCollins
Published: 2016-01-26
ISBN: 0062459457

Ada’s Violin

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A town built on a landfill. A community in need of hope. A girl with a dream. A man with a vision. An ingenious idea.

Author: Susan Hood
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Published: 2016-05-03
ISBN: 9781481430951

Penguin Problems

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“A penguin whines about the uncontrollable problems in his life”–

Author: Jory John, Lane Smith
Publisher: Random House Books for Young Readers
Published: 2016-09-27
ISBN: 9780553513370

I Dissent

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Get to know celebrated Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg—in the first picture book about her life—as she proves that disagreeing does not make you disagreeable! Supreme Court justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg has spent a lifetime disagreeing: disagreeing with inequality, arguing against unfair treatment, and standing up for what’s right for people everywhere. This biographical picture book about the Notorious RBG, tells the justice’s story through the lens of her many famous dissents, or disagreements.

Author: Debbie Levy, Elizabeth Baddeley
Publisher: Simon and Schuster
Published: 2016-09-20
ISBN: 9781481465595

Otters Love to Play

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Ka-splash! Head to the river, where a frolicsome bunch of otters plays all year round in a nonfiction story sprinkled with facts — and loaded with fun. It’s spring, and a litter of baby river otters emerges from a den . . . to play! Follow the otters through the seasons as they chase one another, slide down a mudbank, jump in a pile of leaves, and learn to swim. Even while catching fish for their dinner or grooming themselves in the snow, otters love to play — and Jonathan London’s lively text and Meilo So’s fluid watercolors invite you to share in the joy.

Author: Jonathan London, Meilo So
Publisher: Candlewick Press
Published: 2016-03
ISBN: 9780763669133

The Princess and the Warrior

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Author: Duncan Tonatiuh
Publisher: undefined
Published: 2016-10-04
ISBN: 9781419721304

They All Saw a Cat

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In simple, rhythmic prose and stylized pictures, a cat walks through the world, and all the other creatures see and acknowledge the cat.
Author: Brendan Wenzel
Publisher: Chronicle Books
Published: 2016-08-30
ISBN: 9781452150130
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